Dancing Tomatoes

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About Us

Dancing Tomatoes is a cooking, culture, and entertainment platform dreamed up because we love to cook, we love to teach, we love to share, and we love to eat.  That’s a lot of “loves.” But it’s not all because we also love to travel, and we love clean air and the idea of living in harmony with Planet Earth.

Our Goal

Our goal is to share our loves as we bring you into the kitchen at Dancing Tomatoes. There we will give you the tips, tricks, stories and instruction that will transform your cooking.  Along the way we will take you to markets, cheese shops, wine stores. We’ll also take you behind the scenes and introduce you to chefs, cheese agers, wine makers, market gardeners, and more.

Our Base is Paris

We’ve begun Dancing Tomatoes in Paris, because that is our base.  But the world is our theater and we’ll soon branch out – Finland, Ireland, the U.S., Spain, Italy and more….so you stay tuned!

One Last Thing

One last, but very important note.  We’ve always cooked with local, seasonal ingredients and we will stress this at Dancing Tomatoes. It is our ethic, and our strong passion.  This ethic extends to the products in our shop, the apron you get when you sign up to take the Dancing Tomatoes course, the people we choose to include in our stories.

Who is "Us"?

Susan Herrmann Loomis

Trained as a journalist, I found my calling as a food writer very young. Before I launched my writing career, I went to France to learn how to cook. My reasoning was that I should know what I was talking about, be able to understand what I was eating. I fell in love with the whole world of food and cooking, which led me on a culinary nomad’s life around the world, talking with producers and getting their recipes, stories, cultural tidbits. I have written fourteen books, run an exclusive cooking school for twenty years, written for major publications in the U.S., been on many television and radio programs. And now, Dancing Tomatoes.

Read more about Susan here.

Sami Korhonen

“Trained in business and visual arts, I’ve lived and worked around the world from Helsinki to Sao Paolo.  I have a private clientele for whom I design clothing, I work with theater companies, I design and manage fashion shows, websites, and direct videos, I love to eat, and I love to learn about food and cooking. “

Sami is the creative Director at Dancing Tomatoes, which means he drives the business!  With years of experience in everything video, he conceptualizes each segment we film, films it, edits it, tears his hair out over it, and then produces it.

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