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But recently it’s been less obvious.  For example, I met a friend at a café where I go often and feel completely invisible. But not today. Everyone from the owners to the servers greeted me as though I was their best friend. Same with the restaurant where I went last night. I’ve been there many times, it’s a wonderful spot where everyone is always “correct”. But last night a cheery greeting from the chef owner, his wife, the staff, then a running conversation throughout the meal was not just impressive but educational, when we ended up with a snaky branch of an herb I’d never heard of brought to us on a plate so we could taste.

New Life

And it just goes on from there. I think it’s “la entrée” after a very stifling summer, and a new life after – dare I say it? – the big C.  Both have receded in our consciousness, at least to the degree they occupied it before.  International events are creating solidarity, too, rather than distance. 

Broccoli and Friends, a clear sign

As for ingredients at the market, they are the most clear sign of a new life, a new season.  Suddenly I’m mulling over broccoli or squash, new potatoes that have become mature potatoes, beets and an array of lettuces that looks like some fashion designer just dropped huge, red-tinged roses onto the stand.  All but gone are the peaches and nectarines that were just in season, replaced by figs, apples, and pears.  And that doesn’t even take into consideration the gorgeous, line-caught tuna from the waters off the Basque country, or the oysters that are now firm and crisp.  It’s all so exciting, so inspiring!

Youtube Inspiration

Speaking of inspiration, here is a roundup of this weeks’ youtube videos, each of which reflects the season and is created to make your life easier, tastier, more fun.  Watch, subscribe, and come back for more!!  We’re offering you a yummy recipe for those mussels that you’ll get at your market, to serve as a first or main course.  And here is a secret: sometimes I get mussels JUST to make the salad!



You say beans aren’t exciting?  Well, try the dish in the video below and you will change your mind, I promise you.

I wish you much fun in the kitchen and a huge BON APPÉTIT!

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