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The Autumn Course

Embrace the cozy and flavorful embrace of autumn as we embark on a culinary journey designed to capture the essence of this enchanting season. In this autumn course, we have curated four classes that will immerse you in the warm and comforting flavors that autumn brings.

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Say Yes to Autumn!

Let’s explore the delightful recipes that await you in this Autumn-inspired culinary adventure:


Turkish Lamb Fillet with Leek and Pepper Stuffing – Butternut Cappucino with Chorizo

Experience the rich and aromatic flavors of Turkish Lamb Fillet with Leek and Pepper Stuffing, a dish that will transport you to the vibrant markets of Istanbul. Complement this indulgent main course with a velvety Butternut Cappuccino featuring the smoky goodness of chorizo.


Tuna Braised with Garlic Cloves – Squash with Seasonal Herbs – Simple Spinach

Dive into the depths of autumn's bountiful seafood with Tuna Braised with Garlic Cloves, a dish that combines tender fish with the richness of garlic. Pair this delightful seafood entrée with Squash seasoned with seasonal herbs, accompanied by a side of Simple Spinach to round out the flavors.


Walnut Cinnamon Rolls (ქადა) – Marshmallows – Rocky Road

Indulge your sweet tooth with a trio of autumn treats. Start by mastering the art of Walnut Cinnamon Rolls (ქადა), a traditional Georgian pastry that fills the air with the enticing aroma of cinnamon and walnuts. Then, elevate your dessert game with homemade Marshmallows and a decadent Rocky Road creation that will satisfy your cravings.


Mushroom Bourguignon

Delight in the earthy and robust flavors of Mushroom Bourguignon, a vegetarian dish that celebrates the abundance of autumn's wild mushrooms. Experience the rich depths of this hearty stew as it simmers on your stovetop, infusing your kitchen with warmth and comfort.

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Susan Herrmann Loomis

is a renowned culinary expert and author, will be your guide throughout this autumn course. Her passion for seasonal cooking and deep understanding of flavors will inspire you to create exceptional dishes that capture the essence of autumn.