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No More Panic When It Comes to Ordering a Drink in a Parisian Café It’s Easy and Here is a key! Jump to video and recipe Call it Apéritif, Call it a Drink After reading our post about Parisian/French cafés, you’ve got the coffee ordering down in the. But what comes next? Ordering apéritif or …

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You sit, you watch, you delight in being at a café in Paris. But! What to order? I’m here to help!

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There’s More to the French Boulangerie than Croissants and Pains au Chocolat It’s All About Bakers and War The croissant was invented by Viennese bakers who saved Vienna from an attack by the Ottomans… Jump to video and list Croissants and Pains au Chocolat Everyone who comes to Paris heads to a bakery for a …

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mustard chicken

Mustard Chicken for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day, or le St. Valentin, is here to brighten up the grey skies of February. And it is, of course, also the moment to celebrate love. As in so many things, the French do it differently. Jump to video and recipe DIFFERENT TRADITIONS I learned the distinction early on …

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Perusing the Boulangeries I was perusing offerings at boulangeries, as I always do when I travel, and I came across an organic gateau Breton, made entirely with buckwheat flour. Now, I know my gâteau Breton. Usually made with white flour (and butter, eggs, and sugar) , it was my favorite cake to make as an …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video BRINGING IN THE LIGHT Le Chandeleur – the day of the Feast of Light  – may be over, but the light is lasting longer and longer every day.  And that is worth a few crêpes as celebration.  After all, we’ve lived through the shortest days, the darkest months.  So …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video The French Are Involved in Everything As often happens with an amazing invention, culinary or otherwise, the French are hovering close by. This appears to be the case with one of the best cookies ever invented, shortbread.   Here is the legend: The French who were at court with …

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Once a Simple Quick Bread From the griddles of the British Isles to the chic cafés of Paris, the humble scone has come a long way.  It was once a simple, and surely very heavy, quick bread made throughout the British Isles with the grains at hand, primarily oats, but also barley and, perhaps, wheat. …

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We focused on eggplant for this first video of the week because they are still so beautiful AND I made a discovery.  Find the long, snaky purple eggplant often referred to as Chinese or Japanese or Asian eggplant (Solanum melangena) and follow the video to make this amazing appetizer.  You’ll be amazed. Go to Recipe …

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