Dancing Tomatoes


Turn Yogurt to Cheese

Go to Video Did you know that yogurt was “invented” to preserve milk? The Neolithic Method Way back in the Neolithic Age, when the refrigerator was a cool, running stream, animals were giving milk that just didn’t keep. So, the Neoliths did what anyone might: they poured whatever fresh milk they didn’t drink into their …

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Try Dry Mint

Go to Video PRESERVE THE HERB Growing your own herbs is something just about anyone can do, whether in a home with a garden or an apartment with a window box.  Depending on the herbs you plant, at some point during the year there will be an overabundance, the kind that strikes fear into your …

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Pâte Brisée

Go to Recipe Go to Video Pate brisée literally means “broken pastry”.  Translations can often be somewhat awkward, making something so ethereally delicious sound like something that just crashed to the floor and shattered into a thousand pieces. But the allusion isn’t all wrong, for the pate brisée that results in the recipe you will …

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