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Breakfast / Brunch

Soft Boiled Egg – Breakfast For Dinner

soft boiled egg

Go to Recipe Go to Video That’s what a little American girl said when she was visiting and I served soft boiled eggs with toasty, buttered “mouillettes” for dinner.  She was beside herself with joy to dip toast into her soft yolk over and over. “We only eat eggs for breakfast,” she said, her mouth …

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The Greatest Granola from…Paris

granola, oats, nuts

Go to Recipe Go to Video Granola.  The word slips off the tongue, evoking bowls of grains toasted or untoasted, with or without dried fruit, sweetened or unsweetened.  It also evokes a category of person dressed in natural fiber clothing, living off the land, with long hair and, if male, stubble, strong hands, and ruddy …

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Good Morning French Breakfast!

Go to Video Many might experience a traditional French breakfast and say “Why, that’s not a breakfast at all!”  But they would be wrong, because like so many a French gastronomic traditions, the French breakfast is simply perfect.  After all, it includes four major food groups: coffee, bread, butter, and jam.  Nutritional Guidelines? But what …

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