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Cheesecake cookies for bastille day

cheesecake, Philadelphia cream cheese, vanilla, butter, sugar, flour, cookies

When my son was born, I had just moved to Maine and was mourning my home in Brooklyn.  When Joe came into the world, my literary agent called from New York to congratulate me. “What can I send you?” she asked, the soul of sweetness and generosity.  While I might have answered “A chef,” because …

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The Very Best And Butteriest Cookie

buttery sand cookies

I admit to being a Normandy chauviniste which means that when something is delicious in Normandy, it is the most delicious in the world. The Best Sablé in Normandy While doing research in Normandy, I discovered the very best, most tender sablés in a patisserie in a small town called Caumont l’Eventé.  It was by …

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Cold Strawberry, Rhubarb, Lemon Verbena Soup

rhubarb, cold rhubarb and strawberry soup, lemon verbena

Go to Recipe Go to Video Most every culture has its retinue of cold soups to chase away the heat of summer, from the beloved gazpacho of Spain and Mexico, to vegetable-rich Russian Okrochka with its garnish of hard cooked eggs, to the famed Vichyssoise of New York. Who Wants Hot When it is Hot? …

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Home-Made Peanut Butter Cups

peanut butter, chocolate, milk chocolate, salt, butter

Go to Recipe Go to Video The statistics are staggering.  Sixteen million Americans eat five or more Reese’s peanut butter cups per year. That’s 80 million peanut butter cups!  And this doesn’t include the number of peanut butter cups consumed throughout the world.  Why just in France alone, many of the more chic groceries and …

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Texas Pecan Pie – World’s Best | Paris, France

pecan, maple syrup, eggs, sugar, pastry

Go to Recipe Go to Video Today, the pecan is a luxury but long ago – VERY long ago, more than 8,000 years – indigenous people in what is now the swath of land from Illinois through the southern United States and into the river valleys of Mexico took much of their nutrition from this …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video Coookeessss!  This is the way a French person pronounces “cookies” and when they say this, there is only one variety they are referring to: the chocolate chip cookie.  An American import, it has invaded the patisserie, boulangerie, home-cook’s kitchen here in France. On the Palate of the Taster And …


Brownies with Fresh Strawberries

chocolate and strawberries

Go to Recipe Go to Video Dipping strawberries in chocolate is a favorite spring and summer dessert and decoration, and it makes sense. What doesn’t go with chocolate? What doesn’t enhance a strawberry?  Justice for Berries This is a great idea, but I am never sure it does justice to the berry.  Because a fine, …

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