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Main Course

mustard chicken

Mustard Chicken for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day, or le St. Valentin, is here to brighten up the grey skies of February. And it is, of course, also the moment to celebrate love. As in so many things, the French do it differently. Jump to video and recipe DIFFERENT TRADITIONS I learned the distinction early on …

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Before our recent trip to Naples, I lined up a restaurant kitchen so that Sami and I could film a video for you.  I had vague ideas for subjects but knew that once there I’d find something specific.  It turned out even better than that. Go to Video Villa del Carmelo Some background.  We were …

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pizza, basil, mozzarella, san marzano, tomatoes, dough

Of course there is nothing new under the sun. Flatbreads have been baked from India to the Middle East and beyond  in every shape and kind of wood-burning oven, truly since time immemorial.  It is thanks to the Neopolitans, however,  that it has been transformed into one of the world’s favorite dish. Go to Video …

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Who was the daring chef to make the very first omelet and defy all manner of French economical thinking?  She or he was a courageous being, for anyone who knows the French knows they are thrifty and clever in all ways.  Which means that to make an omelet meant breaking many eggs and those eggs …

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Susan Herrmann Loomis in a kitchen with a hamburger on the table

Go to Video The humble hamburger has never really been humble.  It started life as a delicacy, and it has a history which originated with  – yes, you guessed it – Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg, of Course! In the mid 19th century, a revolution in Germany resulted in an increase in German immigrants to the U.S. …

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PORK, pork chop, piment d'Espelette, creme fraiche, shallots, French

Go to Recipe Go to Video French pork is legendary.  And the French enjoyment and dependence upon it is even more so.  La Charcuterie There are shops dedicated entirely to pork and its multitude of products, the charcuterie.  There are dishes ad infinitum based on pork in the French culinary repertoire.  And the French use …

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soft boiled egg

Go to Recipe Go to Video That’s what a little American girl said when she was visiting and I served soft boiled eggs with toasty, buttered “mouillettes” for dinner.  She was beside herself with joy to dip toast into her soft yolk over and over. “We only eat eggs for breakfast,” she said, her mouth …

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eggs, anchovies, cucumber, cherry tomatoes

Go to Recipe Go to Video It’s mid-October and we are still making Salade Niçoise a most delicious assemblages of fresh, seasonal vegetables that comes straight from the culinary annals of Nice and its surroundings.  It is a reflection of the landscape and the season, and of the region’s history. So Misunderstood It also ranks …

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tomato mustard tarte

Go to Recipe Go to Video I love going to a friends’ house for dinner, particularly when the friend might be French, and might love to cook, and might just be making something amazing like Tomato Mustard Tart as either a first or main course. Learn Dishes Like This and So Much More at Live …

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