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Go to Video I don’t know if you can hear the sigh of relief in France.  There are Plenty of Cherries For All Why? Because the cherry harvest has climbed back up to normal after several years of being short.  Merci, mother nature and a return to normalcy – there were no untoward freezes, no …

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There is something about fennel that you may not have known.  It’s part of a group of vegetables called “diskènes” which can be consumed as a spice, an herb, and a vegetable.    If you love fennel, you instinctively know that, but who knew it was an actual category?  And it’s a pretty big one at …

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artichokes, flat leaf parsley,

When I was a child, my mother served us artichokes whenever she could find them.  I was the only one I knew who ate them, delighting in pulling off each leaf and dipping it into wonderful melted butter.  We were a big family, and food was our heart and soul.  Getting a big, fat artichoke …

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  The Ides of March are behind us, thank goodness.  Why thank goodness? The Ides (March 15), is considered malevolent by some, a reference to Julius Cesar’s upending his countrypeople’s festive schedule by switching the new year to January instead of March.  They never forgave him.   He didn’t touch Easter (whew), which is before us, …

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Brussels sprouts, salad, French, France, slice

Go to Recipe Go to Video That’s the big question on everyone’s mind when it comes to these little, round, green vegetables is: Are Brussels sprouts REALLY from Brussels? Yes. No. The answer is yes, and no.  Brussels has always been a busy hub with lots of activity and while there was some farming done …

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Jerusalem artichokes, root vegetable, tuber

Go to Video Jerusalem Artichoke – Helianthus tuberosus There are so many things about a Jerusalem artichoke to love, but I could never say that to my neighbor, Marie-Odile.  She was an adolescent during World War Two, living in the town of Louviers which was occupied by German forces and later burned to the ground.  …

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celery root, celeriac

Go to Video Celery Root – Celeriac – Apium graveolens var. rapaceum Sometimes, a vegetable is so weird and unattractive it’s adorable.  This is absolutely the case with celery root, though adorable might be going too far. Because a celery root right from the farm that hasn’t been shaved of its roots or its facial …

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Unwashed leeks on the table

Go to Video The Leek – Allium porrum The French have a saying, “poireauter,” which means to wait.  Leeks Don’t Move From whence this expression?  It was apparently coined in the 19th century, amongst leek growing farmers.  Enormous care and effort goes into producing a straight, tall leek. They must be planted deep, not too far apart …

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