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Fancy spring meal with Poulet de Bresse and artichokes.

Here we’re doing a real classic that makes a nod to spring with the morels. Traditionally, this chicken dish was made with Poulet de Bresse, a pampered bird that is cared for like a baby from the time it is hatched to the time it is served. I recommend a wonderful chicken, the best you can find. And if you cannot find fresh morels, use the dried version. And if you cannot find those, use about ½-pound of shitakes…stems removed!

Suggestions for completing the menu:

Begin this meal with a medley of any spring vegetable you may find, might it be a baby onion (love to cut these in half, lengthwise, and serve them a la the radish: with butter, salt, baguette). It’s time for light freshness!

Wine suggestion:

You must serve a Burgundy, white or red, your choice! As for wine with the artichoke, well, the artichoke doesn’t help the wine…so try a bit but maybe you’ll want to wait until the chicken!

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