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Cauliflower and Spinach Delight and Juicy Steak to Warm Your Soul!

Time for some yummy, seared steak, but not just ANY recipe! Here we take the French favorites of mustard and shallots and make a lovely little sauce with them to put on steak right before serving. This makes a delicious main course and the reason I chose it for now is because it’s quick, easy, and can be elegant too! Or not. As a first course, we’ll have a pretty, light cauliflower and spinach salad that I love because…well…it’s delicious and perfect for the season! So let us enjoy this winter menu that is quick enough to put together on a week night.

Suggestions for completing the menu:

With this menu, I offer a selection of salted nuts (toss with a touch of olive oil and salt, you can add spices like curry or piment d’Espelette, bake for 7-8 minutes 375F;190C) and, as always something yummy and crunchy like my favorite kohlrabi, or black radish.

Wine suggestion:

I’m going to suggest Burgundy here (or other Pinot Noir) which might come as a surprise, given the lively flavors of the sauce atop the steak. But you will see that they harmonize. And since Burgunday is the historic home of both mustard and pinot noir, well, they’re a good match!

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