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Get Hooked with Cod and Shiitake: A Sweet Bonus Recipe for Chestnut Cake!

The holidays are past, we’re all satiated and a little nostalgic for family/friend times, and yet we are still in the celebratory mood. That describes me, at least! And Epiphany is coming up January 6 to fill us with more cheer, because we join friends to share a “galette,” the almond and puff pastry cake featured in our new Pastry Course. Also called a Galette des Rois, this cake has a surprise hidden inside, so it’s fun as well as delicious. But to return to our menu….take a look, it’s both light and substantial, something a little different to welcome in the new year!

Suggestions for completing the menu:

Crudites are a necessity here. I opt for cucumber slices, radishes (the winter varieties), carrots cut into lozenge shapes, all sprinkled with salt about 15 minutes before serving. Serve a dip of yogurt flavored with masala, if you like.

Wine suggestion:

If you can find a Muscat Blanc de Blanc Sec, this is an ideal wine for this menu.  It’s dry and rather minerally, yet it has the wonderful muscat fruit.  I love the one from Le Mas des Caprices, but if you cannot find this version, see what the wine shop offers.

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