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Summer menu features pork and chicken skewers with fresh ingredients.

We’re going to Italy! Yay! These recipes are among my favorite from my voyages in Italy where I spent a LOT of time working on the Italian Farmhouse Cookbook. You will love the ease of putting these together, and their bright, vivid flavors and textures. I like to make the bean crostini with fava beans – they’re still in season and I try to take advantage of them however I can! If you don’t have them, use borlotti, cranberry, or Jacob’s cattle beans (you may be able to find them fresh!), then follow the recipe and use the bean you have. As for the spiedini, well, you can use the varieties of meat you like. They end up being quite elegant, and delicioso.

Suggestions for completing the menu:

I love to serve pasta – simply dressed with garlic and olive oil – alongside and, as the Italians often do, fresh, seasonal fruit for dessert.  We’ve got cherries and apricots on hand – how about you?

Wine suggestion:

It makes sense to go Italian here.  Lambrusco di Sorbara would be my choice, for both dishes.  It’s fun and delicious!

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