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Summertime Deliciousness: Eggplant & Peppers and Steamed Chicken with Basil Oil

The Dog Days of August are well behind us but, fortunately, the produce of summer isn’t. As the season progresses, flavors will just get more and more rich, and this menu celebrates the richness of fruit, vegetable, and herb. It’s a substantial menu yet refreshing, too, the kind that goes with lingering sunshine and the last days before “la rentrée” which, no matter the country, is when life gears up to its habitual rhythm. Enjoy these summer flavors!

Suggestions for completing the menu:

You can start this menu as though you were in Provence, with a selection of olives, some seasoned with herbs, some simply plain

Wine suggestion:

Why not try a pinot noir, but this time from Alsace? This is a wine that will charm you, with its flavor and elegance. You can try a pinot from Oregon, too. They always seem more powerful and less elegant than the French versions, but still delish.

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