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A Perfect Blend of Flavors: Hangar Steak and Horseradish!

Asparagus, finally! I don’t jump on the first asparagus I see, because I want mine as local as possible and now it’s here. Our recipe is a different way to serve asparagus, as each shape gives a slightly different intensity of flavor that will surprise! As for the hangar steakyou will enjoy working with this slightly obscure cut, and will LOVE it once it’s prepared. . The steak should be very rare when it’s at its best, but of course you’ll cook it to your liking.

Suggestions for completing the menu:

A green salad after the hangar steak is obligatory, just a simple one, lettuce with sliced shallot, dressed in a vinaigrette.  As for dessert, it’s too early for really good strawberries (unless you’re lucky!) so I’d be very happy with a chocolate tart or cake (who wouldn’t be?!).

Wine suggestion:

Try a Pinot Gris from Alsace here, or else go to the Loire Valley for a wonderful Chablis to begin with, then follow up with a wine from Cahors or the Languedoc, the one you used for the steak.

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