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Cream-Puff Pastry

Clouds. When you make and bake pâte à choux, you come up with buttery, tender, yummy clouds. And once you have those clouds you can serve them as is, fill or decorate them, turn them into all manner of deliciously creative confections.

In the pâte à choux videos, I take you clearly through each step of making the pastry, piping it, baking it. You can stop and start the videos at will, to make sure that you see and “feel” the texture of the pastry, so that your success is guaranteed.

The ingredient amounts are clearly shown on the video, and a printable recipe backs it up so that you have everything you need to make successful, cloud-like pâte à choux.

There are secrets and tips for success, and they are all in the videos so that your success is guaranteed. You will be thrilled, your family and friends delighted with your pâte à choux prowess!