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Whip Up Some Holiday Magic: Festive Baking Ideas For The Perfect Treats

The holidays are coming!! And so is the occasion for celebrating, entertaining, and serving sweets all around. Here I share three of my favorite holiday sweet recipes with you, so that you can begin to plan your baking schedule/ritual. None of the recipes should be made too far in advance, though the cinnamon walnut cookies, or Kada, can be frozen. In fact, it’s wonderful to have them in the freezer to pull out for unexpected guests! As for the marshmallows, the recipe makes too many for the Rocky Road, but judging from my experience, this isn’t a problem. It’s amazing how, when you make your own, you find out that the world loves a marshmallow! Happy Holiday Baking!

Suggestions for completing the menu:

Everything else you always make for Christmas!

Wine suggestion:

Champagne (or coffee or tea)

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