Dancing Tomatoes


Welcome to the Dancing Tomatoes kitchen for cooking classes that will change your food and your life.


In Live Cooking Classes with Susan, Susan comes to you direct from her kitchen in Paris twice a month. Together, you create incredible weeknight menus (that you may just want to serve on the weekend, too!) You learn, you laugh, you eat delicious dishes.


Plat du Jour – the dish of the day.  It is what we all dream about eating when we go to France. Whether it is juicy steak with crispy frites or a fragrant dish of lentils with garlicky sausages and bacon, the plat du jour is the stuff of dreams.   And our job is to fulfill your dreams.


The Corporate Cooking Course, live with Susan from Paris, is designed as a unique gift from your business.  Offering this to the group or individuals of your choice makes you exceptional, it makes them shine, and they become great cooks in the process!