Dancing Tomatoes

Meanwhile, we are enjoying pre-Easter, which is extra enticing with chocolates (not JUST fish!) absolutely everywhere, including a basket of gold-wrapped eggs at the poissonerie this morning.  Other Easter novelties at the market include asparagus, juicy radishes, scallops, and razor clams both in their shells, and both fresh from the sea in Brittany, and small purple artichokes (poivrades) from Provence.  In my neighborhood the local mairie is sponsoring an Easter egg hunt in the Jardin de Breteuil, and word on the street is that they’re bringing back sheep to graze the grass there, too, a wonderful Easter touch!

Food Aside – Can it Ever Be Aside?

Food aside, Paris and France have mobilized to help in Ukraine, with tents around the city offering information to those who arrive and need it, along with food and shelter, as well as empty trucks that fill with necessary items and are driven directly to Poland.  On the political front, we’re doing some nail-biting.  We had our first of two presidential elections on Sunday and the candidates who won (among a dozen who ran) are the same as for the last election, Emanuel Macron and Marine LePen.  This is undoubtedly no news to you.  What is news is how close they are.  We will know the score after the next election on April 24.  If you’re interested, a debate between the candidates is on April 20. 

Annual Easter Brunch

We will celebrate Sunday with our annual brunch which always includes  Wake Up Bread and Butter Pudding, Pashka, and Hot Cross Buns, for starters.  Asparagus and radishes will make an appearance, and local cherry tomatoes are likely to be on the menu, too!  Wish you could join us!

Bon Appétit and Happy Easter to you all!

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  1. Good afternoon Susan.
    I am very interested in the cafe series. How do I sign up?
    I would like to sign up for my girls also.
    All is well with the Mortimer crew and we hope the same with you family.

    1. Hi Lettie! So great to hear from you! The series will be on Youtube, so you can take a look at it – and tell your girls too! – whenever you like. It’s in production now…stay tuned!

  2. Have you been getting my emails? We would still like to do the market tour you mentioned. We leave in a few days now. We are available May 1st, 5th and 6th. PLEASE let us know if this is still a possibility and which day is best for you.
    Suzi Chase

    1. Hi Suzi,

      Yes, and I”ve answered several times!! Your emails are returning to me, though I think one go through today. In any case, May 5 sounds great. pleaserefer to emails, or try to reach me at susan@onruetatin.com

  3. Happy Easter to you. I’m sure you had a great day.
    I’m not sure why I haven’t heard from you, but my husband and I would still like to do the market tour with you. We are leaving for France in a few days so I would love to hear from you soon. As I said earlier, we have May 1st, 5th and 6th available. Please would you let me know what day is best for you?
    Suzi Chase

  4. Hi, Susan
    I have been out of the loop. What is the cafe program? Is there a fee?
    I just got back from France with a souvenir, a bad cold. Hopefully, I’ll be able to join the class on Wednesday.
    I saw the Proust exhibit at the Musee Carnivalet and toured parts of France. Visited with my good friend, Marcelle near Bordeaux.

    Take care (did you notice I was missing)?
    Take care,

    1. Debbie – the cafe series is in its infancy; we’ll be posting on Youtube and you’ll be among the first to know when we begin!!!

    2. And yes, we both noticed you were missing in fact, I said to Sami: “I’m worried about Debbie, where the heck has she gone!”

  5. Look forward to the cafe expeditions and the Easter offerings look amazing. All so different here in the Southern Hemisphere as we stroll through colourful autumn and head into winter. Chocolate and Easter buns high on the menu though.
    Nail biting stuff as you face the elections though but so glad to hear that we are United in sending what help we can for our Ukrainian sisters and brothers.

    1. Gail – so odd to think of our “switched” seasons. We are absolutely lucky with this spring weather of chill/sun. I love it. Yes, Ukraine is on all of our minds as we wish we could do so much more. It is difficult to know what to do; we act locally, always with spots in the world where there is strife or difficulty, on our minds. Enjoy your Easter in the autumn!

  6. Hi Susan the new series sounds wonderful. Is it by subscription? Nail
    biting elections!
    Happy Easter

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