Dancing Tomatoes

A typical French breakfast consists of baguette with butter and jam, a croissant or pain au chocolate, maybe a chausson aux pommes (apple turnover), and a big bowl of steaming coffee.  It’s a marvel, a magical assemblage of delicious elements.

Steer Roping Needs More

A cowboy or girl might not be able to survive with such a breakfast, because in the eyes of the protein club, it’s a little weak.  So, for the cowboys and girls among you, what about a changeup?  It’s one I indulge in when the stars align and there are steers to rope, figuratively  speaking of course.  You know those moments: work has piled up and needs to be gotten through, papers need filling in and signing, days are long and evenings are too.  These are moments when a more substantial breakfast is in order.

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Light, Airy, Substantial

When I need such a breakfast, I turn to fresh goat cheese, the bright white, almost fluffily flat round that is light and substantial at the same time.   Fresh goat cheese is dense with flavor yet light of texture, filled with protein, easy on the palate and absolutely gorgeous in place of butter on a piece of freshly toasted baguette.  Add either honey or home made jam or jelly and you’ve got perfection, and a great beginning to the day, in front of you.

Spring and Summer Best

Fresh goat cheese – and I mean a round, almost wet cheese that is three to five days old – is best in spring and summer, after the baby goats are born.  In the case of a small cheese producer, enough milk is held back to make the cheeses regularly.  There are never very many, and they are almost always perfect and delicious, sometimes so wet that I buy one or two as the very last thing  so I can set them atop everything else in hopes they arrive home with a semblance of their original shape. 

Get out the Jam or Jelly

I am always eager for breakfast on a day when a soft, tender goat cheese is in my basket.  I get home, get out the jam or jelly, make an ample amount of toast and call whomever might be here to “Come’n get it!”  And we all sit down to a feast, spreading the cheese over the toast in a thick layer, often anointing it with salt if it hasn’t already been salted, then topping it with jam or jelly.  My favorite is red currant jelly with goat cheese, because it is combination of sweet and tart, slightly tannic and wonderfully bright flavor.  It is ideal with goat cheese.

You Can Have This Too

Are you rolling your eyes at my delight in fresh goat cheese for breakfast?  I know, it’s not easy for everyone to get. But you can approximate the panoply of flavors buy getting soft goat cheese, bringing it to room temperature, then teaming it with the freshly toasted bread of your choice, your favorite jam or jelly or honey, a dash of salt if need be and, of course, a bowl of your favorite hot beverage. You will see.  This combination will transport you right to Paris, France. 


And I hope you’ll forgive the few allusions to cattle and cowboy/girls.  I just spent a week in Texas, the land of the steer and the cowboy boot.  I love it there, and the influence stays with me…

2 thoughts on “Fresh Goat Cheese for Breakfast”

  1. Hello, Susan
    I just had the goat cheese and orange marmalade (Bonne Maman) for breakfast. Delicious!
    I so look forward to the autumn fare for our classes.
    Bonne journee
    Debbie S.

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