Dancing Tomatoes

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You will LOVE this menu because it’s not just bright and fresh to look at, but it will bring your palate alive!!! And it’s a real turning of the season as all sorts of new things come into the market. If you cannot find rabbit, you can either substitute chicken or shoulder of lamb, cut …

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Asparagus, finally! I don’t jump on the first asparagus I see, because I want mine as local as possible and now it’s here. Our recipe is a different way to serve asparagus, as each shape gives a slightly different intensity of flavor that will surprise! As for the hangar steakyou will enjoy working with this …

Asparagus Three Ways – Hangar Steak with Horseradish Read More »

Embrace the freshness and delicate flavors of spring. Indulge in artichokes, asparagus, fava beans, and other seasonal delights as you learn to create vibrant and elegant dishes that capture the essence of the season.