Beet, Cardamom and Yogurt Verrine – Cider Braised Duck

We’re preparing a favorite duck dish this week, with its roots in Normandy. What is Norman about it? Normandy is the region of apples and the local drink is hard cider. The duck simmers in this yummy beverage, giving it a tart/sweet edge. You are going to love it. If you cannot find duck, you can substitute chicken and I should mention that if you don’t find hard cider you can substitute white wine, or even water in the dish. But I hope you will find cider! Our first course is a verrine that I present to you for the holidays. It is simple to make, and you end up with quite a fancy little dish to serve your family and friends. I’m looking forward to cooking with you, as always!


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Suggestions for completing the menu:

A green salad is almost obligatory after this menu because it adds a crisp freshnee, then I would offer ice cream for dessert, like the cinnamon ice cream we’ve made. But think about adding some star anise to the milk with the cinnamon; the two spices are a delicately delicious combination.

Wine suggestion:

Hard cider is the obvious choice with this menu, but if you don’t want to do that, then what about a not too sweet Riesling? Or a fruity white from the Loire, like a Chenin.