Smoked Salmon Salad with Avocado – Free-Form Pear Tart – Pate Brisée

This menu is calculated for surprise. It will surprise you because it’s so pretty, and so easy to put together. It will surprise your family and friends because it’s something different, for this holiday season particularly where foods tend to run heavy and sweet (and special, it must be said). You’ll have particular fun with the free-form tart. You can use apples, pears, a mix of the two, even add a quince. As for spices and sweetener, the sky is the limit. I prefer the version that I’m offering (of course I do!) but have fun with it. And once you’ve learned to make this you’ll think of all sorts of fillings.


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Suggestions for completing the menu:

Belgian Endive leaves with a walnut of herbed goat cheese resting on the stem end.  These are crisp and delicious for winter.

Wine suggestion:

I’m going to refer to a current white from the Languedoc: Barathym from d’Aumelas www.chateaubasaumelas.fr  They ship because their label is in English as well as France. If you cannot find this one, though, go for a white from southern France.