Nutty Mussels – Apricot Clafoutis

Here in France it is high mussel season. We often have them year-round, of course, but summer is when the bulk of them are eaten because everyone wants “moules frites” as they sit outside on the terrace, overlooking the sea! Our best mussels come from the English Channel and Brittany, where the waters stay cold year-round. Here we’ll prepare them in the most delicious way, with a hint of hazelnuts, a touch of rosemary. Serve these as a main course with a simple potato salad alongside or, if you’re courageous, frites! And to finish the meal, a seasonal clafoutis. But not just ANY clafoutis. Can’t wait for you to try it!


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Suggestions for completing the menu:

You will want to start this menu with something more substantial. I might serve a slice of pate with cornichons, or a little pot of rillettes, both with fresh bread. If you don’t have that option, then consider a small selection of charcuterie, with butter and fresh bread.  Add a bowl of cherry tomatoes, and a bowl of olives too.  And serve a green salad after the mussels.

Wine suggestion:

It’s rose season, and I suggest a beautiful rose from the Languedoc. These days they are emerging more lean than in the past, perfect for this menu. Otherwise, a dry white wine like Entre-Deux Mer, from the Bordeaux region.