Melon Salad with Shallot Vinaigrette – Cod, Sauce vierge

What a season! Everything is bursting from the vine, from gorgeous tomatoes to fat, fragrant melons. And this menu takes best advantage of both, and more. Our first course, Melon Salad, gives a new twist to one of my favorites of summer. Melon is sweet, but dress it with a savory vinaigrette and you’ve got a very special dish on your hands. You can mix and match melons in this salad, but first follow the recipe, then play! Serve it lightly chilled, not too cold, so the flavors fully emerge. As for the main course, you’ll be so happy to have sauce vierge in your repertoire because it dresses up everything, making dishes fresh and bright. It is most traditional used as here, with gorgeous fish, but it’s wonderful with meat or a selection of seasonal vegetables, prepared the way you like them best. And then there are grains; try it folded into warm quinoa or millet and serve it either warm or at room temperature.


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Suggestions for completing the menu:

Start this wonderful meal with toasted slices of yummy bread that are rubbed with garlic, then a half a tomato, cut side rubbed into the bread.  Garnish these with baby basil leaves.

Wine suggestion:

We’re going to try a chilled Pouilly Fumé, a choice of mine which will not surprise you, since it’s made with my favorite white wine grape (well, almost my favorite!), Sauvignon Blanc.