Plat du Jour is designed to give you a special look – and taste – of what the French love most about their cuisine, which is their daily dish and the menu it fits within. The dishes in Plat du Jour are the comfort food of France, which refer to history and tradition yet often take flights of fancy too. Each is special, each reflects season and locality, each can be adapted to what you find locally.

The dishes within each menu are coherent with a season, and each menu is intended to give you a universe of deliciousness. Yet all of the dishes can be mixed and matched, and many of them can be made in any season of the year. You can follow the menus the way they are organized, or you can pluck dishes from here and there to make your own menu based on what you feel like eating, what you find at your local market, what hemisphere you live in. You can plan your week in food the way you want to, taking into account who is coming to dinner, what you have time for. This flexibility allows you to create a near-endless selection of menus, for your pleasure, and for any occasion.

Plat du Jour includes:

  • Six full menus, four dishes each, all carefully explained from start to finish
  • A selection of appetizers which will appeal to everyone because each is its own universe of flavor. They have their place in each menu, yet you can mix and match these, make them all for an “apero-dinatoire” or all appetizer menu, or serve one or two as small bites with a lovely something to drink.
  • Wine suggestions for each menu.
  • A library of Fundamental Techniques, and basic recipes which you will use in the menus, and that you can use on their own as well. These are designed to provide you with a repertoire of recipes that will make all your cooking better, your techniques more sure. And we will continually add new fundamentals as time goes on.  The Fundamental videos include everything from making a fabulous béchamel to putting an edge on your knives to keep them sliding-sharp.