Live Cooking Classes

Join Susan in her warm and inspiring world of food, cooking, and culture.  Her live classes are filled with tips and tricks, and she’ll welcome you into her kitchen, and give you inspiration in your own!



In Live Cooking Courses with Susan, we cook together twice a month and create incredible weeknight menus (that you may just want to serve on the weekend, too!). Join an international group that gets together to cook with Susan, who joins you directly from her kitchen in Paris. 

Each Live Cooking Class includes a mise-en-place video and clear shopping list (with substitution suggestions in case you cannot find everything) that you receive a week before class so that you can do all the preparation and be ready to cook along on the day of the class. During class, Susan’s instruction is clear and straightforward, filled with tips and hints, techniques and “astuces,” the tricks that make French cuisine so wonderful.   

Susan is available to answer any questions you may have before, during, and after class so that cooking together is an education, the results are delicious, the class an experience to remember!  Join us!  You’ll love the way Susan guides you with ease, inspiration, warmth, passion, and profound knowledge of her subject.

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The minute you sign in, you’ll hear back from us with everything you need to get started in your Live Cooking Classes with Susan!

P.S. if these dates and times don’t work for you, the classes stay live so you can do them at your leisure.

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Time – 18:30 CET / 12:30 EST / 9:30 PST


See what they're saying about cooking with Susan!

Personal connection to the food

Susan is incredibly knowledgeable and generous in sharing her culinary wisdom. At one of her online cooking classes I learned an enormous amount from her in a very short time. She has a deep personal connection to the food she prepares and her enthusiasm made it feel like I was actually in the kitchen with her. And she’s funny - we need more humor in the kitchen. The meal I cooked with Susan was absolutely delicious. I couldn’t ask for more.

Roscoe Betsill

Food Stylist

Transformed the way I cook

Susan shares with such joy the secrets and nuances that make French cuisine so special, so delicious, and so well composed. The techniques I have learned in her classes give me confidence in the kitchen! Because of her I have learned to appreciate meals made from beautiful, local, seasonal ingredients. Susan has forever transformed the way I cook for my family and friends. Merci, Susan!!

Barbra Love


Frequently Asked Questions with Frequently Given Answers

Live Cooking Classes with Susan include all the information you need to prepare for the class, including clear instructions and a mise-en-place video, which you get beforehand.  Then, you will be right in Susan’s Paris kitchen, where you will cook together so that, when the class is finished, you will have a meal, complete with side-dish and wine and cheese suggestions.  You can ask questions during the class and zoom in on anything that you want Susan to take a closer look at as you cook together, because you will be together!

The choice is yours. Because Susan is an experienced teacher, she will walk you through everything, holding your hand if you need it, letting you go along on your own if you don’t.  If you just want to watch, you’ll still learn and you’ll be part of something fun, fascinating and, ultimately delish!

At the beginning of each month, you will receive class dates and menus in your inbox, with links to recipes and an ingredient/shopping list.  This information will also be on the site, so you can refer to it easily.

Two days before the class you’ll get a link to a mise-en-place video that will walk you through any prep you need to do before you begin cooking with Susan.

And P.S. – There will be something in your mailbox each month, direct to you from in Paris!

No problem. The classes stay live online for two months, so you can refer to them at your leisure.

Susan has written for a world audience for a long time, and always provides substitution ideas in the recipes if something seems obscure or hard to find.  That said, if you’ve got a question before the class, just send it and we will get right back to you.  contact@dancingtomatoes.com  Remember that your success and delight is our mission, so we want this to be EASY for you!

You won’t want to cancel.  But should the forces require this, you may cancel at any time and we will still like you!  And we’ll make it easy for you to return.

Your subscription is intended for you but we will not police who joins you!

Aha, an important question!  You need an apron, and a stack of tea towels to use as hot pad, spill cleaner-upper, a variety of things.   I also suggest closed-toed, comfortable shoes.  And leave dangling necklaces and bracelets in your jewelry box, sleeves that hang in your closet, and hair that is very, very long tied up and away.  All of these can get in your way in the kitchen.  On the other hand, if you want to have your lovely manicure done the day before the class, make sure it’s the “extra tough” version!

Susan’s food is very plant based and always has been. That said, meat and seafood are part of her repertoire. Every menu varies; she will provide substitute ingredients when appropriate. Her concern is that everyone get maximum enjoyment and learn as much as possible.


Our Values

Every class you take here revolves around the two most important words in the culinary lexicon: Seasonal and Local.

Laugh, Learn, Question

You’ll learn; you’ll laugh; you’ll ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about food, techniques, flavors and more.

Cook Seasonal and Local

Buy from local producers, prepare meals that revolve around seasonal ingredients, refer to tradition yet make it new, the French way.


You’ll travel with Susan - sometimes in Paris, sometimes to farms, fishing boats, to meet growers and restaurateurs as she shares her stories.

Surprise Yourself

You’ll get cozy with techniques, learn "insider" tricks that smooth the way, and surprise yourself with newfound skills and inspiration.

Learn Culinary Sophistication

Susan's training and experience will guide you, her stories will amuse you and her seasonal menus will inspire you to heights of simple sophistication.

Cooking in Paris!

Join me in my Paris kitchen, to cook together.  You’ll be transformed into an even more accomplished cook as you slice, sizzle, and sauté your way through French-inspired dishes.

Why take these classes?

Cooking Live with Susan is the Best Revenge

Learn the secrets of French cuisine, both classic and contemporary, as Susan takes you on an authentic culinary voyage.

Now is your chance!

Up your cooking game with Susan in two live classes every month, each dedicated to giving you the very best instruction.  You’ll cook together, laugh together, and learn more than you thought possible.

Your subscription includes:

100% No Risk

You can cancel your subscription any time. No questions asked!