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“Plenty of alluring plates of food for cold months are what cooking teacher Susan Herrmann Loomis, who is based in France, provides in her new book PLAT DU JOUR.” — Florence Fabricant, New York Times


Writing Plat du Jour was an adventure in…keeping my eyes open to see what plats du jour (dishes of the day) were on the menu in cafes, bistros, brasseries and restaurants from Paris to Marseille.  It’s a tough job, I will admit, but as they say “Someone had to do it!”

My Goals

My goal in writing the book was manifold.  I wanted, first, to cook, taste and share the most delicious dishes in France today. Then, I wanted to delve into some history of restaurants, dishes, food traditions.  As always, what I discovered is that what’s on the menu today in France comes, oh so often, from yesterday.    The classics in France are as old as time, rooted in the season, the soil, the joy of sitting down to a beautiful meal. Even a new, experimental dish, of which there are several in PLAT DU JOUR, has its roots in tradition.

Another goal in writing the book was to reveal how comforting it is to know that a dish has voyaged through the hands of so many generations of cooks and maintained its personality, its regional identity, its connection with local ingredients.  Of course, each cook adds her (women are the fundamental cooks in France) bit of magic, while adhering to tradition.

French Cooking Is As Easy as Un, Deux, Trois!

What you will find in PLAT DU JOUR is that French cooking doesn’t have to be complex—in fact, in PLAT DU JOUR it’s as easy as un, deux, trois!

The spirit of the plat du jour, the dish of the day, is all about simplicity, seasonal ingredients, and joyful time at the table. it’s also about the history of France, and there are historical tidbits sprinkled throughout the book which illuminate and anchor the recipes.

Whether its Boeuf Bourguignon, Poule au Pot, or a simple Salade Niçoise, the French classics in Plat du Jour, as well as the more contemporary dishes in the book are made for the home cook. In Plat du Jour my fourteenth book, I show you how to effortlessly transform any meal into an elegant and flavorful French masterpiece.

Press for PLAT DU JOUR

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    1. Hello, Vickie! Thank you for asking. We are working on being able to ship through the site here, but for now you can go to your local brick and mortar bookstore, or find it on any internet platform that sells books. And again, thank you for asking!

    2. Vicky – I feel like I’ve answered, but just in case, you can order PLAT DU JOUR from any brick and mortar bookstore, or all the usual online suspects! Thank you!

  1. I just listened to your interview and I am so excited to buy your book. Most of all you made me so hungry!!! Love you Susan

    1. I’m so glad!!! You’ll love the book, recipes are just what is needed for now! Delish, and simple. So good to hear from you Mary!

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