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Plat du Jour is a complete collection of videos which offers you Six Four-Course Menus, Basic Recipes, Appetizers AND a great selection of fundamental secrets of French cuisine! 



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Plat du Jour is a virtual cooking course which includes six four course menus that you will want to prepare over and over. The menus are carefully planned so that the dishes are coherent and balanced, yet the recipes of each menu are interchangeable. So, if you want to mix and match you can, depending on the season and availability of ingredients where ever you find yourself.

Plat du Jour offers so much

There are the menus, of course, but there is also a collection of fundamental recipes that you will turn to time and again. They act as the basis of the dishes, and you’ll find ways to insert them into other parts of your culinary repertoire as well. And the Fundamentals will continue to evolve over time as we identify more we think you’ll be happy to have on hand.  So while entirely filmed, Plat du Jour is a living course. And like a fine wine or cheese, it gets better all the time as it is curated and cared for!

Plat du Jour is based on the dishes that have withstood the test of time and deliciousness throughout the ages, with the addition of contemporary versions of these dishes as well. Many of the main dishes have emerged from a peasant cuisine into starred delights, the side-dishes can be transformed into main dishes, the desserts that will make you the cook everyone turns to as their idol and dessert guru, and the appetizers make  each meal begin with a flavorful welcome.

Get Plat du Jour now. It’s fifty two videos, recipes, tips and hints are just waiting for you, as you’ve been waiting for it!


See what they're saying about cooking with Susan!

Personal connection to the food

Susan is incredibly knowledgeable and generous in sharing her culinary wisdom. At her online cooking classes I learned an enormous amount from her in a very short time. She has a deep personal connection to the food she prepares and her enthusiasm made it feel like I was actually in the kitchen with her. And she’s funny - we need more humor in the kitchen. The meal I cooked with Susan was absolutely delicious. I couldn’t ask for more.

Roscoe Betsill

Food Stylist

Deliciously crafted classes

No matter how many classes I take from Susan, I always learn something new. Susan is a wealth of culinary information. Her online cooking classes with Dancing Tomatoes are deliciously crafted and I can duplicate her menus for an easy weeknight meal. I look forward to seeing more of Susan via these ongoing classes.

Cathy Arkle

Food Blogger, Graphic Designer


Frequently Asked Questions with Frequently Given Answers

Plat du Jour is a video cooking program that acts like a living book.  It offers six full four-course menus, with each dish completely explained visually, and on the page in the form of a printable recipes.  it includes a “chapter” on Fundamental basics, a Chapter of Appetizers, and the menus.  There is more to satisfy and delight too!

Plat du Jour is entirely virtual, with 52 videos for your viewing and cooking pleasure.  There are six, four course menus, a Fundamental recipe library, and an appetizer library. The menus are clearly indicated, yet you can mix and match at will, to create your own menus. Each recipe video includes a printable recipe, and each menu includes a printable menu.

Once you are the proud owner of Plat du Jour, you get a link that opens your flavorful Plat du Jour world.  You can begin cooking immediately, and either follow the Plat du Jour menus, or create your own.  It is all there, for you.  From time to time we will add videos to the Fundamentals library.

Susan has written for a world audience for a long time, and always provides substitution ideas in the recipes if something seems obscure or hard to find. 

Yes.  Each video offers step-by-step instruction AND a printable recipe.

The videos range from 9 to about 20 minutes long.

Plat du Jour is a yearly subscription. This means that you have access to the complete course during your subscription. So you’ll decide whether you want to have everything available for you for a year or more.

We can surely find a dela that is interesting for you. Just contact us if you want to order more Plat du Jour courses at once.

No. Susan’s instruction is clear and precise; she is used to teaching all levels of cooks.

Absolutely! Susan is experienced at teaching all levels, and she makes it challenging for those in the know, and clear for the novice.

The impossible to answer question!  It all depends on everything, but rest assured that no matter how long it takes, the recipes and menus are timeless, and they will ALWAYS please.



Every class you take here revolves around the two most important words in the culinary lexicon: Seasonal and Local.

Laugh, Learn, Question

You’ll learn; you’ll laugh; you’ll ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about food, techniques, flavors and more.

Cook Seasonal and Local

Buy from local producers, prepare meals that revolve around seasonal ingredients, refer to tradition yet make it new, the French way.


You’ll travel with Susan - sometimes in Paris, sometimes to farms, fishing boats, to meet growers and restaurateurs as she shares her stories.

Surprise Yourself

You’ll get cozy with techniques, learn "insider" tricks that smooth the way, and surprise yourself with newfound skills and inspiration.

Learn Culinary Sophistication

Susan's training and experience will guide you, her stories will amuse you and her seasonal menus will inspire you to heights of simple sophistication.

Cooking in Paris!

Join me in my Paris kitchen, to cook together.  You’ll be transformed into an even more accomplished cook as you slice, sizzle, and sauté your way through French-inspired dishes.  And while Plat du Jour is a complete package, we will be adding videos and tips from time to time, making it a living enterprise!

Why Plat du Jour?

Cooking with Susan is the Best Revenge

In Plat du Jour you get so much of Susan's knowledge, expertise, joy in the kitchen. She doesn't stint in what she has to offer, and you are the beneficiary.

Now is your chance!

Watch, cook, learn with Plat du Jour, a program that is made to enrich your cooking skills, your culinary knowledge, your life.  Plat du Jour is geared to teaching you, in the least pretentious, warmest, most knowledgeable way.

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