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The Spring Course

As the world awakens to new life and vibrant colors, join us in celebrating the arrival of spring with a culinary journey that embraces the freshness and delicacy of the season. In this spring course, we have curated four classes that will immerse you in the beauty and flavors of this magical time of year.

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Say Yes to Spring!

Let’s explore the delightful recipes that await you in this spring-inspired culinary adventure:


Artichokes in the Roman Style – Chicken with Morels

Delight in the artful preparation of Artichokes in the Roman Style, a dish that captures the essence of spring with its tender and flavorful artichoke hearts. Pair this with the richness of Chicken with Morels, a combination that will transport you to the heart of traditional Roman cuisine.


Asparagus Three Ways – Hangar Steak with Horseradish

Experience the versatility of asparagus as we explore it in three delightful ways. Then, savor the robust flavors of Hangar Steak with Horseradish, a dish that balances the tender meat with a zesty horseradish kick.


Fava Beans and Turnips -Rabbit with Sorrel

Embrace the bountiful offerings of spring with Fava Beans and Turnips, a dish that celebrates the season's vibrant produce. Discover the delicate flavors of Rabbit with Sorrel, a pairing that combines the mild gamey taste of rabbit with the citrusy freshness of sorrel.


The Best Caramelized Onions – Fish Baked in Salt Crust – Pickled Garlic – Lemon Oil

Master the art of caramelizing onions as we guide you to create The Best Caramelized Onions, a savory and sweet addition to elevate any dish. Then, venture into the sea with Fish Baked in a Salt Crust, a technique that seals in the flavors and moisture of the fish. Finally, explore the tangy and bold flavors of Pickled Garlic and enhance your dishes with the aromatic delight of Lemon Oil.

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Susan Herrmann Loomis

is a renowned culinary expert and author, will be your guide throughout this spring course. Her passion for seasonal cooking and deep understanding of flavors will inspire you to create exceptional dishes that capture the essence of spring.