Dancing Tomatoes


Go to Recipe Go to Video Flamboyant Vegetable The modest yet flamboyant radish, that little harbinger of spring, has a most distinguished history.  The people of the Levant – Turkey to Ethiopia – were the first to enjoy their crisp texture and sometimes spicy flavor.  The radish travelled to Europe through the Mediterranean basin to …

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Go to Video Beret-Baguette Who doesn’t love the iconic photo of the man with beret and baguette on his bicycle, what the French refer to as the “beret-baguette” image that foreigners have of France. It’s charming, it speaks to all that is good in this rich and wonderful land. Three Legends About the Origin There …

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Go to Video Many might experience a traditional French breakfast and say “Why, that’s not a breakfast at all!”  But they would be wrong, because like so many a French gastronomic traditions, the French breakfast is simply perfect.  After all, it includes four major food groups: coffee, bread, butter, and jam.  Nutritional Guidelines? But what …

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