Dancing Tomatoes

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When I first came to France, as an apprentice at La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine, my dreams jostled each other.  A big one, aside from learning everything about French cuisine, was to get to know the country. To that end, I joined a goodwill organization that put me in touch with families in the country, …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video Carrot. With your frothy greens and your vivid root you should be queen but are, instead, the perfect handmaiden.  You are loved by all, for without your wispy grated strands Jello would be simply shaky, without your chunks, stew a sham, without your ever-present economy, the restaurant plate a …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video First of all…we are SO EXCITED to propose our Live Cooking Classes with Susan, to you! So excited.  So, sign up now and let’s get into the kitchen! And Then, The Salad And let me talk about the salad I made in the video, because it’s perfect, and you’ll …

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