Dancing Tomatoes


eggplant, herbs, olive oil, garlic

We focused on eggplant for this first video of the week because they are still so beautiful AND I made a discovery.  Find the long, snaky purple eggplant often referred to as Chinese or Japanese or Asian eggplant (Solanum melangena) and follow the video to make this amazing appetizer.  You’ll be amazed. Go to Recipe …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video Unhealthy? In Italian, the eggplant is called “melanzana,” which was incorrectly translated in France on its arrival from the Middle East as early as the 8th century to “mal saine” which means, literally, “unhealthy”.  This evoked suspicion in the French cook and eater, which wasn’t helped by the eggplant’s …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video I got to the market at 8 a.m. and, as usual, I wasn’t the first in line.  I had barely enough time to contemplate what I wanted to put in my basket, what would compose my menu for the next several days, before it was my turn.  I saw …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video Though the French love eggplant (see ratatouille) it is so much a southern vegetable that in  my northern French life when I ate at friends’ homes I didn’t see it on the table much.  I would say everyone I know loves it, as I witnessed when they came to …

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roasted eggplant and olive oil

Go to Recipe Go to Video Part 1 of our Four Part Mini Series: Do you love it, or do you hate it?  There isn’t any middle ground when it comes to eggplant.  And I’m here to convince you to love it. Because eggplant is one of the most universal, loveable, delicious vegetables ever invented! …

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