Dancing Tomatoes

green beans

green and white beans

Go to Recipe Go to Video If you love beans, you are one excited cook at the end of summer and into autumn, because that is when beans are best.  Depending on the year, beans are in the market as early as mid-August through October.  It’s a decently long season but it feels so fleeting …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video It all began with Pope Clement VII in the 16th century.  He was a seed collector, it seems, and he gave some bean seeds to an Italian humanist, Valeriano, who had links with the Medicis family while they were in Florence.  Valeriano shared the seeds with Clement’s niece Catherine …


Go to Recipe Go to Video Summer produce brings such richness, including the humble green bean, or “haricot vert”.  which might be considered the most important in the French vegetable repertoire, besides lettuce.  It is the vegetable people identify with French cuisine; the vegetable that appears on every French table along with roasts, or stews, …

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