Dancing Tomatoes

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When I first came to France, as an apprentice at La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine, my dreams jostled each other.  A big one, aside from learning everything about French cuisine, was to get to know the country. To that end, I joined a goodwill organization that put me in touch with families in the country, …

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Unwashed leeks on the table

Go to Video The Leek – Allium porrum The French have a saying, “poireauter,” which means to wait.  Leeks Don’t Move From whence this expression?  It was apparently coined in the 19th century, amongst leek growing farmers.  Enormous care and effort goes into producing a straight, tall leek. They must be planted deep, not too far apart …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video  Leeks Are Universal I’ve been going to markets in France for more than thirty years.  Each market has its own, distinct personality which has to do with the day, the season, and primarily the region in which it is held.  There are universals, though, and the leek is one …

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