Dancing Tomatoes



Go to Recipe Go to Video BRINGING IN THE LIGHT Le Chandeleur – the day of the Feast of Light  – may be over, but the light is lasting longer and longer every day.  And that is worth a few crêpes as celebration.  After all, we’ve lived through the shortest days, the darkest months.  So …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video Oh, a marvelous potato gratin! What could be better, more satisfying, more heart-warming?  It’s a side dish, yes, but add a few strips of crisped ham and serve it with a salad, and you’ve got an amazing plat du jour on your hands. Beloved Gratin As is, potato gratin …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video The history of Sauce Béchamel is a knotty one of subterfuge and false claims, heavy stuff for a sauce made with four simple ingredients.  It begs a question: does this matter?   There is only one answer. YES!  Because what would French cuisine be without mystery and intrigue?  It is …

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