Dancing Tomatoes

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Go to Recipe Go to Video It’s olive season!!  Not here north of the Rhône, but south, YES!  There, the olive oil mills are creaking open, those with olive trees are sitting at the edge of their chairs. Just waiting for the word. For it’s the mills that determine the appropriate moment to get out …

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Go to Video What’s the best potato for roasting? Any Potato Any potato, you might say, but the true best are new potatoes.  As for variety, it’s what your local grower offers. There are more than 4,000 potato varieties and growers are constantly expanding their offering.  The Yukon Gold is universally popular, but there is …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video What a summer. Sweltering in places where swelter is unexpected, drenching rains where blue skies are typical, this year it is unpredictable, to say the least. But here in France it is as if no one even pays attention.  We sit outside on terraces, in gardens, amidst the apple …

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