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piment d’Espelette

PORK, pork chop, piment d'Espelette, creme fraiche, shallots, French

Go to Recipe Go to Video French pork is legendary.  And the French enjoyment and dependence upon it is even more so.  La Charcuterie There are shops dedicated entirely to pork and its multitude of products, the charcuterie.  There are dishes ad infinitum based on pork in the French culinary repertoire.  And the French use …

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pastry, piment d'Espelette, butter, flour, water

Go to Recipe Go to Video I love appetizers, …because I love the moment of the day they fit into.  For me, that is evening before dinner, long after the sun has set in the winter; as shadows lengthen in the summer. The workday is done, I’ve been preparing a meal and all the while …

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