Dancing Tomatoes


Crisp Roasted (Or Grilled) Potatoes and Tapenade

Go to Video What’s the best potato for roasting? Any Potato Any potato, you might say, but the true best are new potatoes.  As for variety, it’s what your local grower offers. There are more than 4,000 potato varieties and growers are constantly expanding their offering.  The Yukon Gold is universally popular, but there is …

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Mashed Potatoes

Go to Recipe Go to Video Have you ever really THOUGHT about mashed potatoes, I mean REALLY thought about them?  They are so often served to fill the gap, the stomach, the plate with their bulk that their true nature tends to be ignored.  Poor little mashed potatoes. Originally From Peru Potatoes have always been …

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Go to Video Go to Recipe TARTIFLETTE Just the name “Tartiflette” makes people sigh with pleasure. A dish replete with melted cheese, crisp bacon, onions and potatoes, its very aroma evokes cold, sunny days on the ski slopes in the Haute Savoie of Eastern France. Anyone who has ever skied – or hiked or simply …

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