Dancing Tomatoes


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If you need a good cry, but there is nothing in your life making you sad enough to shed tears, consider yourself lucky. Get Some Onions Then go to your pantry and get some onions.  The onion is an allium and it will certainly bring forth the tears.  Why?  Well, it’s a simple matter of …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video  Leeks Are Universal I’ve been going to markets in France for more than thirty years.  Each market has its own, distinct personality which has to do with the day, the season, and primarily the region in which it is held.  There are universals, though, and the leek is one …

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Susan preparing beet and goat cheese appetizers

Go to Recipe Go to Video BEET TOWERS I am always looking for little appetizers to complement a glass of wine or champagne, sometimes even a cocktail or a simple glass of whiskey, neat.  The beet and goat cheese towers here fit all the bills.  First, they are temptingly gorgeous. More importantly, they’re scrumptious, and …

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