Dancing Tomatoes


Go to Recipe Go to Video As we head into “la rentrée,” that season of the year in France that strikes dread into the heart of so many (because it means first day of school/work/back to reality), we’ve still got a few hints of summer left.  There are s the warm days and relatively long …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video You know the dream where you’re minding your own business, reading the paper in your favorite chair and suddenly you see zucchini flowing into your home through the back door, the windows, down the chimney, through every possible orifice until you’re nearly buried by their weight, your nose clogged …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video Henry IV’s Favorite Food Potato Garlic Soup is the kind of dish you want to dive into head first, it is so warming and flavorful, so gentle and delicious! And if you checked in with King Henry IV, he would muscle his way in before you.  After all, garlic …

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