Dancing Tomatoes

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Go to Recipe Go to Video A wonderful thing about French cuisine is its flights of fancy.  With a few, simple “tours de main” or tricks, the French chef transforms one thing into another, always managing to keep the integrity of the original.  Examples Let’s take some examples.  The lemon. Leave it to the French …


Go to Recipe Go to Video You know the dream where you’re minding your own business, reading the paper in your favorite chair and suddenly you see zucchini flowing into your home through the back door, the windows, down the chimney, through every possible orifice until you’re nearly buried by their weight, your nose clogged …

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Go to Recipe Go to Video First of all…we are SO EXCITED to propose our Live Cooking Classes with Susan, to you! So excited.  So, sign up now and let’s get into the kitchen! And Then, The Salad And let me talk about the salad I made in the video, because it’s perfect, and you’ll …

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