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One of the things I love about pre-Christmas is the many, many people carrying Christmas trees – sapins de Nol – through the streets of Paris to their homes. It takes two, one at either end and there they go, boring straight down the sidewalk as other pedestrians dance out of their way.

What Happens at Home?!

I love to imagine what happens when they arrive at their home.  Knowing how many apartment buildings are without elevators, I imagine the tiny argument about who goes up the stairs first ( the person who bears the least weight).  Then, the fumble at the door to get out the keys, then, no matter how large the apartment is, the angle, twist, lift and lower to get to the room where the tree will be set up.

Decorating  – Merci Maman

Decorating is next, in my experience usually done by Maman.  No spiced wine or hot chocolate here, no fanfare. That comes later, at dinner. Once the tree is up and decorated, dinner celebrates the true advent of the holidays.  There might be a roast chicken with potatoes and celery root, or quickly sauteed scallops in cream atop crushed and buttered Jerusalem artichokes.  Or maybe it’s lamb chops grilled over the coals, with braised Brussels sprouts.  Whatever is served, it will be a meal fitting the moment. 

We Want You to Benefit!

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  1. Ha!ha1 I can imagine the little disputes. I always like to have a little glass of something while decorating the tree with Xmas carols in the background.
    Wishing you a happy Xmas and a bright New Year Susan

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