Dancing Tomatoes

There are smiles on Parisian faces, everywhere.  The difference from confinement to de-confinement is  patently obvious.  People are simply thrilled to be able to sip a coffee at a café, to have a beer a Spritz or a glass of rose on the terrace.  Paris has become an outdoor dining room, and everyone wants to join in.   

Better and Better

And the news gets better.  I heard on France Culture radio this morning that as of June 30 we may be able to officially remove our masks outside.  This is thanks to the Marseillais I believe, because apparently they quit wearing masks outdoors last week. Forever rebels!

Lunch on the Sidewalk

I took Fiona, my daughter, out yesterday for a farewell meal, as she is returning to work in Holland, where she and the company she works with are transforming food production systems.

Dancing Flavors

We just had an hour so stayed on the street and settled into La Cantine du Troquet where the cuisine focuses on that of the Pays Basque. Aromas of garlic and roasted peppers, grilled steak with chunks of coarse salt, and gorgeous crispy “frites” welcomed us.  We chose two plats du jours – a very special Croque Monsieur, and Razor Clams with a vivid sauce of capers, olives, and tomatoes.  We didn’t resist an eye-popping side dish of pepper puree punctuated with pickled onions, fresh peas, and strawberries, and we couldn’t have been more delighted.  Such vivid flavors dancing all over our palates were inspiring.

peas pickled onions peppers

Inspiration for Live Classes

I’ll incorporate elements from these dishes in an upcoming Live Classes with Susan on Dancing Tomatoes.  You must join us because Live Classes with Susan feature all kinds of discoveries, old favorites, traditional treasures from the French kitchen.  And we do everything to make it easy, fun, delicious for you.  

And let me know how your reality is shifting, how summer’s approach is going…it’s all so very exciting, isn’t it?

And P.S. if you’re interested in innovative ways to grow food, take a look at what Fiona and her company are up to:  https://foodfromtheforest.nl

Bon Appétit!

2 thoughts on “The Thrill of Parisian (French) Happiness”


    But please take care , wash hands, use sanitiser and stay at home of you have a cold.
    In Australia Victoria is to come out of its fourth lockdown and so there is excitement in Melbourne too.
    Winter is approaching for us as snow falls in the mountains so we are reaching for slow cooked lamb shanks and hearty warming soups and rich gutsy red wine.

    enjoy the summer , stay safe.

    1. Gail – we’re very careful here, very. For now, masks obligatory everywhere, even servers in restaurants must wear them. it’s wonderful to have the freedom to go out, I must say, masks or no!

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